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Amish made 
This cart is in excellent condition, it's a beautiful cart.
Solid rubber wheels and solid wooden oak spokes.
Mini Size Solid Oak Road Cart with Wooden Shafts,
Spares Box
Amish Quality Handcrafted Wooden Wheels
48" wood shafts, Fits 32" to 38" Minis
Square Box, Brass inserts Leave Spring Suspension
Vinyl seat 12 x 30" Shafts are 48" long and wheels are 24"
The cart is a country road cart, made by the Amish in Pennsylvania, only 2 years old – The person that I purchase the cart from told me she  paid $2,900 for it plus shipping)
You can use your debit card or pay pal account.
Miniature Horse Cart
Gorgeous Black Custom Made Cart
Professionally painted Powder Coating 
This is a used cart, but in excellent condition.
Quality stainless steel springs under seat, nearly new tub tires,
stainless steel hardware, steel frame. The shafts are 48" perfect size for a B size miniature horse.
Show ring ready. You would be hard pressed to fine a cart like this one. This cart is an easy entry BUT its not like all the ones you see all day long. This cart is on the heaver side, because it is so well made.
This cart is made in Holland

give me a call at 209-785-0669
Click onto small picture to see enlarge
Click onto small picture to see enlarge
Check out the heavy dudy stainless steel springs !
2nd Cart Available For Purchase
Amish Made Harness $200.00 come's wirh Cropper & Breeching
For size B miniature horse.