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             Homozygous  Double Dilute Cremello Stallion 

                                    Boones Little Buckeroo   33.5"
Sire Buckeroos Top Cat   33.5"
                                    Boones Little Maude   32"
                                     Lucky Four Wranglers Buccaneer   29.75"
Dam Hunt House Farms All Eyes On Me   31.25"
                                    Hobby Horses Little Belle   29.75"
Reg. Assn. AMHA / AMHR
D.O.B. 2000
Height   30"
T.C. is a son of Buckeroos Top Cat which makes him a grandson to
 the great Boones Little Buckeroo! He is a proven breeding stallion and puts 
color on the farm. Easy to breed and settles mares. He is easy to manage and 
knows how to behave himself. Will pasture breed as well.

                                             Buckeroos Top Cat

AMHA and AMHR Registered 30" Buckskin Stallion
Without a doubt, Buckeroo is the most well-known miniature stallion in the world today.
Top Cat is the son of National Grand Champion Stallion- Boones Little Buckeroo 
and the sire to Ima Boones Little Buckeroo Too (BTU). There are not to many 
stallions that can claim being sired by and siring National Grand Champions.
 Top Cat is an accomplished show horse himself, being honored the ROMs in 
Single Pleasure Driving and Solid Colored Stallions and Geldings. Top Cat 
                                  is a stunning older son of Buckeroo.

T.C.  has the genetic ability to consistently produce those sought after dilute colors. 
We are excited to have this outstanding stallion as our premier stallion.
                                             Cream Dilution

Homozygous (CrCr), double dilute cream horses.
Double dilute horses will always pass on a copy of the cream gene to its foals. 
Horses which carry two copies of the cream gene are referred to as double dilutes;
 they are homozygous for the cream dilution gene.  A bay horse with two copies 
of cream is known as a perlino, a black horse with two copies of cream is known 
as a smoky cream and a chestnut or sorrel horse that carries two copies of 
cream is known as a cremello.

Cream dilution has minimal effect on black pigment in the single copy 
A chestnut or sorrel horse that carries two copies of cream is known as a
 cremello. Double dilute horses will always pass on a copy of the cream 
gene to there offspring.

Horses which carry one copy of the cream gene are identified as Single dilutes;
 they are heterozygous for the cream dilution gene.  In the simplest case, 
a bay horse with a single copy of cream is known as a buckskin, a single 
dilute black horse is known as a smoky black and a single dilute chestnut or 
sorrel horse is known as a palomino.  Single dilute horses have a 50% chance
 on passing the cream gene on to its offspring. 
No Dilution (nn)
Single Dilution (nCr)
Double Dilute (CrCr)
Chestnut or Sorrel
Smoky Black
Smoky Cream
                     Foal Color Possibilities

   Stallion And Mare Resulting Offspring Color
   Cremello bred to Chestnut or Sorrel  foal will be Palomino   100%

   Cremello bred to Bay, Brown or Black foal will be  Palomino or Buckskin

   Cremello bred to Buckskin or Smokey Black foal will be 
   Buckskin, Palomino, Smoky  black, Cremello, Perlino,  Smoky cream

   Cremello bred to Palomino foal will be  Palomino 50% Cremello 50%

   Cremello bred to Cremello foal will alway be a  Cremello 100%

   Cremello bred to  Perlino foal will be     Perlino 66.67% Cremello 33.33%
Foals by Top Cat
T.C. sire Buckeroos Top Cat is a stunning stallion with great presence and refined conformation.
 He is a true sire of significance in this industry.
At the age of  20, Top Cat was purchased thru the Heritage 
Sale for $30,000
This calculator will give you the possible offspring coat colors and their probabilities when given the parents coat color and pattern information.
  Calculation accuracy of the offspring color possibilities and probabilities 
can be greatly increased when providing the color genetics of the sire and dam.

                                                    Above link is to
Animal Genetics Inc. Coat Color Calculator possible offspring coat colors
Above link is to Animal Genetics Inc. Coat Color Calculator
                                                 Boones little Buckeroo

                                                  Size: 30.5", Year: 1978
Boones Little Buckeroo is without a doubt, the most well-known miniature stallion
                        in the world today. He holds the unequaled record
                  of winning 3 National Grand Champion Senior Stallion Titles
               and 3 consecutive National Grand Champion Get of Sire Titles.
               His get retain the beautiful head, large eyes, graceful long neck,
            level top line, natural action and balance with excellent athletic ability
                                 and the important "Look At Me" attitude.
                   Buckeroo sires National. Buckeroo get and grand-get won
                        innumerous National Grand's, Reserve National Grand's,
                           National Champions and Top Ten Awards in Halter
              and Performance over the years in AMHA and AMHR Nationals.