Miniature Horse Trailer Aluminum Divers For Sale
3 total all Aluminum framed all rivets construction, covered in 1/8"  
thick white plastic, in very good shape. Size are
squire one is 4 feet tall 4' 7" long
2 small divers 4' 7" long 2' 8" tall
Phone # 209-785-0669
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401 Double K Clippers
 $200.00 recently serviced, replace 10 foot cord so the cord is NEW ! this clipper works great ! comes with 3 blades 2 size 10 Oster and 1 10 Oster wide blade Can take Debit cards through PayPal 
Can mail UPS for $10.00 charge
There will be a 3% added charge using PayPal
Clippers $200.00
Shipping $10.00
3% fee    $6.30
Grand Total $216.30
Phone # 209-785-0669
E-Mail Me
401 Double K Clippers
401 Double K Clippers
The Double K Groomer’s Edge POWER CLIPPER cuts easily through thick, 
dense or dirty hair while operating very quietly -- 
in virtual silence at low speeds! With five times the power of conventional clippers, 
the 1/8 horsepower POWER CLIPPER cuts faster and smoother than any other clipper. 
The variable speed control offers speed adjustments from 100 to 4500 RPMs. 
With 9000 blade "strokes per minute. It's unique cable drive system transfers power 
from the motor to the hand piece allowing the hand piece itself to remain cool during 
Used but in very good condition  aluminum measuring stick with level for accurate measuring $25.00
This van would be perfect for hauling your miniature's to were ever you want to go. 
Located in Angels Camp California 95222
1996 Dodge Van 3/4 Ton Commercial 
It has a 360ci gas motor with 172,000 Automatic transmission has been rebuilt at 115,000, has air condition. Smog on Feb 7 2018 This van also comes with tow package, trailer brake set up, and great towing power. Awesome vehicle for towing, hauling cargo, daily driving, or camping.Call or text 209-202-2738 home phone 209-785-0669
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